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Titel der Weiterbildung Basic Biostatistics
Abkürzung B106.20.19
Art der Veranstaltung Weiterbildungskurs: MAS

Quantities of descriptive statistics and the fundamentals of statistical inference
- Uncertainty due to randomness
- 95% confidence intervals
- Calculating and transforming probability statements
- The interpretation of a p-value


Statistics is the discipline that deals with randomness and probabilities and how to extract information from data in the face of randomness. Each scientific discipline attempting to learn about real world phenomena deals with statistical issues. Biostatistics is the sub-discipline of Statistics that focuses on applications in medicine and public health.

In this module you learn how to transparently describe data that was collected for a given study. In addition you learn how to make inferences and draw conclusions that go beyond the current data set and make statements about the underlying population of interest. Furthermore, the information in the data set has to be condensed and presented in an understandable fashion. For this
- you reduce data by calculating group level quantities (like means, risks etc)
- you quantify and interpret the amount of statistical uncertainty in your data, mostly by using 95% confidence intervals
- you make the first steps in using a statistical software (Stata) for data description, data transformation and simple statistical analyses (you will receive a temporary Stata license for this)
- you communicate appropriately the results obtained
- you translate specific questions into relevant statistical quantities of interest

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Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse:
- «Introduction to Epidemiology and Study Designs» (B101.20)
- «Konzepte, Methoden und Anwendungen der deskriptiven und analytischen Epidemiologie» (B102.30)


Written exam during the course. (12 hours preparation, no postprocessing. In total 20 hours of off-class work and course tasks between August 22 and August 25)

Dauer/Umfang 19. bis 21. August 2019 + 26. bis 27. August 2019
Unterrichtszeiten 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Workload in Std. Total 52
ECTS o.a. Credits 3 ECTS
Preis CHF 2'100.--
Nächstes Beginndatum 19. August 2019
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Anmeldeschluss 19. Juni 2019
Kursleiter Prof. Dr. Marcel Zwahlen, Institut für Sozial- und Präventivmedizin der Universität Bern
Telefon +41 44 634 46 51
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Anbieter Universitäten Zürich
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